Leaked DHS footage of A10 Warthog being chased by UAP- From @NY_UAP_DISSCUSSION on Instagram

“Ok guys, here it is, the big reveal!! This is the footage that was directly leaked to me via a Department of Homeland Security agent. What you are looking at is the very first legitimate leak of a genuine UAP buzzing and then following an A10 Warthog from the nearby, Davis Monthan AFB. We have heard many stories lately of fighter jets coming into close contact with unknown objects but no footage has ever surfaced until today. The object in question was analyzed and found to be an authentic UAP of unknown origin that exhibited advanced flight capabilities. The object in question came extremely close to the A10, during its routine flight, and began following and even catching up to the jet before changing direction. The A10 seemed to have taken notice of the object as it eventually turned and circled the same area again. The unknown craft once again buzzed the A10 dangerously close before taking off in the opposite direction at high speeds. Towards the end of the footage, as the FLIR operator was observing the craft, it suddenly accelerates at high speeds and flies out of sight. Again, this is an authentic incident direct from DHS. The source wishes to remain anonymous but chose to share this with me because he felt it was the right thing to do. When I asked “Why me?” he replied, “because I love how you present your evidence”. So to this individual I say, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for trusting me with this and for building up the courage to share this with the world. I hope more people come forward the way this man did.” – NY UAP DISCUSSION

5 thoughts on “Leaked DHS footage of A10 Warthog being chased by UAP- From @NY_UAP_DISSCUSSION on Instagram

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  1. It is a foo fighter, a kind of electroball . it is made of very electrified air surrounded of air charged with the opposite electric charge

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  2. Thanks for sharing…

    Why is this footage always notoriously dodgy pixelated quality and run through a noise machine… compared to some other footage I’ve seen from IVR systems which are crystal clear HQ – you can see the rivets on the planes for goodness sake. It’s really annoying there’s this deliberate drop in quality with all videos shared from leaked sources. There is very little footage of any use here apart from warm blob which could be anything.

    So….100’s millions of dollars of high-quality equipment yet the output is no better than a low-light 640×480 handycam from the 90s. It was the same as that crappy footage from the Nimitz encounter with the UFO entering the water, crappy quality, poor resolution. Yet other footage at night of ships and objects you can literally see the joins in the metal.

    Annoying. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. It´s a slow release of information. And maybe it´s a good thing we go slow. Maybe even the hardcore believers wouldn´t be able to take a massive drop of all the info at once. It would be chaos. We don´t know and might not know ever all the aspects related to this mystery. It is not just realizing that there are other intelligent beings and that they are technologically superior but so many other things could be related. Does God as our religions interpret it exists? What is the true origin of life on earth? What happens after death? What is the place of mankind on the universe? What is reality…? society would change with those answers and there could be massive changes on morality that could be disturbing.

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  4. This slow release of information after decades of secrecy and ridicule is putting a threatening spin on all of this. The reason is to set the stage for the penultimate False Flag Event, Alien Attack on Earth, thereby securing complete control by the Military Industrial Complex.
    These UAPs are of Terrestrial Origin. If The ETs wanted to harm us It would have happened long before this. The Threat is in the Secrecy that has kept us from using the same systems to Advance Ourselves instead of Destroying the Ecosystem to protect the Petroleum-Dollar Economic Elites. Look up the disclosure project and the Cosmic Hoax by Dr. Greer. When the Event Happens know it for the Fraud it is.


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