So I ran up to my local corner store here in Hudson, Florida. Late afternoon after a day of yard work can make you a bit thirsty and some how, I was out of beer. Tragic, I know.

Surprisingly, there was only one woman working behind the counter and I was a bit surprised that there were literally 11 people in line.

When I finally located and approached the end of the winding line, I felt the immense tension. The stress and anxiety had engulfed everyone and that poor woman behind the counter was taking the brunt of that energetic attack.

The man in front of me had a few items to purchase as well as several lottery tickets. This particular man was expelling a lot of stress and you could see it in his body language, with the constant shuffling of his feet back and forth as well as a few huffs and puffs of frustration.

When the woman in front of him finally had her turn to cash out from the broken, bewildered woman behind the counter, she asked for a few lottery “quick pics”. The woman stated that the lottery machine was down. The man in front of me became even more frustrated and anxious. Meanwhile, more people were still piling in behind us awaiting their own quick purchase at the local convenience store.

The tension in the air was immense. I made a decision within myself to take in all of the negative anxious energy I felt and transform it to calming energy and I visualized that calming energy vibrating outward amongst the patrons of this little convenience store in Hudson, Florida. Breathing deeply for several cycles of breath, I did just that.

It worked.

The man in front of me, who was exuding the most negative anxious energy became calm, you could see it in his body language and he made his purchase without even asking about lottery tickets.

Finally, it was my turn. I placed my pack of beer on the counter. She called out the price and I handed her cash. She looked at me, sighed and said “thank you for making it easy”.

I replied, “that’s what I do… and please know that everyone in here understands the pressure you’re feeling right now and no one is in that much of a hurry. One at a time, ma’am… one at a time”.

For some reason I turned to the folks in line behind me and said “Am I right? No worries!”

People smiled and concurred as the energy inside the little convenience store at my corner of the world became calm and jovial.

I like to think I made it that way, at least for that moment.

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