Margaritas and The Havana Side Car

Now I’ve always loved Jimmy Buffet and grew up hearing his music on the radio… hell I was born in 1970. One time when I was in my teens, I went to spend a long weekend with my grandparents down along the Delaware Bay in New Jersey. My Grandfather had this hardcover book called The Bartender’s Guide to Galaxy. I couldn’t tell you how old it was.

The only recipe I looked up was that of the Margarita. It made SO much sense to me:

2 Shots Tequila
1 Shot Cointreau
The Juice of 1 whole lime.

Shake in ice, and pour into a freshly iced glass with a salted rim.

That’s it.

Seriously… that is the BEST Margarita you will ever have.

Now… somehow, someway, I flipped through that book and found another recipe. And I must say… I’m a HUGE Margarita fan but I find this drink even better, yet it is so similar:

The Havana Sidecar

It’s the SAME recipe as the Margarita but instead of Tequila and Lime? White Rum and Lemon. And a sugared rimmed glass instead of salt.

You’re Welcome.

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