UFO Origins in Humanity

The UFO phenomenon has been occurring since humankind could document its own existence. Even before the development of formal written language, there are areas around the globe where ancient groups of hunter/gatherers depicted interactions and sightings of other worldly beings and objects.

Images similar to the cave paintings above have been dated to be as old as 50,000 years. Some people speculate that UFO sightings and documentation have become more prevalent during significant leaps of intellectual advancement throughout human history.

Modern science now hypothesizes that homo sapiens, the modern human species, evolved as much as 300,000 years ago in Africa, during a major period of climatic change. It wasn’t until around 90,000 years ago, however that primitive fishing tools appeared to be used and only within the last 12,000 do we see evidence of humankind producing food and changing our surroundings.

Understanding the dawn of modern civilization can pose several challenges. It is widely accepted that the Sumerian culture, which developed in Mesopotamia circa 3500 BC, was the first modern human civilization primarily because this is where we find evidence of the Cuneiform language. Considered to be the first form of written language, these texts were drawn on damp clay tablets using a pointed tool. It seems the scribes realized it was quicker and easier to produce representations of such things as animals, rather than naturalistic impressions of them. They began to draw marks in the clay to make up signs, which were standardized so they could be recognized by many people.

Despite the widely accepted sentiment of Sumer being the first human civilization, archeologists have found that similar civilizations arose around this same time period. From Egypt, India and China all the way to areas such as Peru and other parts of Central and South America, we now see that human civilizations sprout simultaneously around the world. 

It’s almost as if there was a global, paradigm shift in the intellectual advancement of homo sapiens approximately 6,000 years ago but what caused this major development and what do these ancient people tell us about their own awakening?

For this we must turn to what we still know as the first written language of the Sumerian culture and what the ancients documented about their own experience. According to the Sumerian writings, they were originated from “gods” that they referred to as the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki came from a distant planet, according to those ancient scholars and it was this group of early deities that taught them more advanced agriculture, irrigation, modern tool and metal working technologies as well as astronomy and mathematics. 

One clay tablet translated in 2015 shows that Sumerian astronomers made extremely accurate mathematical calculations for the orbit of Jupiter thousands of years before Europeans did. In addition, they also may have created trigonometry at least 1,000 years before the ancient Greeks.

Ancient calendars such as the Jewish calendar, is based on biblical calculations that place the “creation” at 3761 BC. The earliest Mesoamerican calendar begins August 11, 3114 B.C. Is it merely a coincidence that different civilizations from the other side of the world derived to such a similar time for the beginning of creation? Or was there something happening on a global scale that set these people on similar trajectories of development?

This discussion could go on in amazing detail however that is beyond the scope of my intention here. The take away here is that modern civilization of man kind practically “popped” into existence world wide around the same time and all with coincidentally similar advances. 

Could the “Anunnaki”, or other-worldly beings, be responsible for influencing ancient Homo Sapiens to take new steps in intellectual evolution?

When studying the UFO Phenomenon, one must take into account the long period of time humanity has been documenting its witnessing of and interaction with such beings here on planet Earth. In addition, it is time we recognize this clear period around 6,000 years ago when humanity truly began its intellectual and technological journey, as opposed to the previous 295,000 years that homo sapiens existed.

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