The Greatest Encounter Ever Told

Studying the UFO Phenomenon can be very exciting. At the same time it can also become quite overwhelming because there are so many cases; some documented, many that are not and some old ones that require some dusting off for reexamination. Recently, since 2017 especially, we have also seen an out pouring of previously unspoken encounters because stigma is finally being lifted. Needless to say, this topic is really not for the casual observer.

The encounter I want to present, surprisingly is not one of those previously undocumented nor unspoken cases. As a matter of fact it is, in my opinion the most well documented and genuine cases we may have before us. However, it has not been in the main stream nor do I even recall hearing about this case despite a book that was written and a documentary produced.

Before I continue, I must give credit where credit is due. Recently, I have only discovered this case with many thanks to ExoAcademian, the creator of the extraordinary podcast Point of Convergence. I will say that this is one of my personal favorites of UAP podcasts as he provides a continuous deep dive into the nature of the beings themselves and looking at all possibilities of their existence and the millennia of interactions with humanity. After reading this article, I highly encourage you to begin your journey here:

Being presented, is an overview of the amazing, almost lifelong encounter of Dorothy Izatt. Dorothy Mary Izatt was born on September 24, 1922. She was married to her husband, Duncan while they were living in Hong Kong. After the Korean War, they moved to Richmond, British Columbia; a suburb of Vancouver where they shared a quiet life raising their family in the beautiful mountainous, coastal region.

One, crisp, clear autumn afternoon in 1974, Dorothy decided to take some time for prayer to quiet her mind and offer gratitude for her healthy children and loving husband. She did this often as Dorothy was raised with Catholic faith and was a very spiritual woman. She recalled however that this time in particular was very different. While meditating on her knees, she was overcome with a tremendous sensation of love and happiness; one she had never felt before. Upon rising, she felt as though she was being watched and went to glance out the window. Looking up towards the horizon, Dorothy saw what appeared to be a bright, glimmering diamond shaped object with a horizontal ring of lights revolving around the middle.

“Then, as if it had read my doubtful thoughts, the crystal-like object began to dart in and out of clouds and I instantly had the impression it was giving me further proof that it was real. It was wonderful to look at.”

Later that same night, Dorothy was illuminated by a bright light piercing through the drapes of her living room only to then see an enormous ball of light in the sky. This was different than the object from earlier however something else was different this time. Communication.

“It felt like it was touching and searching my mind. I know I heard the words, ‘We are real; we are here; it is not your imagination.'”

At this point, I know what the typical UFO enthusiast is probably thinking; nothing overly compelling that does not align with other known cases of experiencers. The images above also may be easily explained by prosaic logic. The compelling aspects of this case is the evidence Dorothy has collected. In the beginning of her encounters with the Others, she did not tell anyone due to the preposterous nature of what she was experiencing. Finally, she decided to tell her family about it and of course was presented with what most experiencers receive; weird looks and a bit of ridicule. That’s when Dorothy decided to capture the lights and show them herself.

Using an 8mm movie camera, she did just that. Over the years of her experience, she has recorded over 30,000 feet of film! This film has been analyzed by the likes of Industrial Light and Magic, a division of Lucasfilm, founded by George Lucas in 1975. They found the film to be authentic. As did other cinematographers and producers who analyzed it. The spiritual facet of this phenomenon is really what I believe we as people should be more focused on if we ever want to truly understand. Listen to what Dorothy says in the clip below regarding how we all have this light in us given by the Creator, keeping in mind her background is from her Catholic faith.

At one point, Dorothy decided she wanted some answers and to see if anyone else was seeing the objects and experiencing what she was. She contacted the local airport and they were unable to confirm anything out of the ordinary. She then contacted Pat Burns, a local radio host in Canada at the time. He had sent Elaine Alexander, his producer out to see Dorothy. Elaine would make many routine visits and eventually told Dorothy that she should contact Dr. Hynek, so she did. Dr. J. Allen Hynek came to see Dorothy along with Professor Jameson from the University of Chicago. They analyzed the film and even went so far as to have her camera disassembled for analysis as well. They found nothing out of the ordinary. Dr. Hynek asked her to use multiple cameras to record the sightings and Dorothy continued filming using three different cameras; all of which showed the same objects being filmed.

Ultimately Dr. Hynek came away convinced of Dorothy’s case and its veracity. In the documentary, ‘Capturing The Light’ (available on Amazon Prime), Dorothy stated that Dr. Hynek told her to be very careful of who she deals with and to stay away from the fringe lunatics other wise she will get swept under the rug with them. Instead, he advised her to keep recording and gather as much as she could, which is exactly what she did while not presenting much of her case to anyone. This is why, Dorothy believes her experience had remained mostly unnoticed because she took Dr. Hynek’s advise.

Below, you will some still images from her footage that depicts the beings themselves. During one encounter, Dorothy asked them if she could see what they looked like and that is when a “window” opened up for her where she could see their faces, which in my opinion resemble the grays. The other image appears to be a more ethereal “Being of The Light”.

For me, the most beautiful and amazing aspects are what the beings themselves communicated to Dorothy, such as the fact that they have known her for a long, long time through many lifetimes. She says that these are Beings of the Light and the light gives us knowledge; knowledge of who we were before we were born and teaches us of our interconnectivity to each other.

I highly recommend listening to both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Point of Convergance podcast of this most amazing case. In addition, I would also watch the documentary Capturing the Light on Amazon Prime. There are also several books written that I will be soon be reading.

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  1. Thank you for bringing this back to our attention! This is one of my favorite cases, she is very credible, in my opinion. Thank you, Jeff for the work you’ve put into this website.

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