One Pilot’s UFO Encounter… A Grass Roots Story

There is no doubt that the UFO/UAP phenomenon has made it to the main stream media and to the forefront of what has become the most important topic of humankind. Back in 2017, the New York Times released the now infamous videos; the Tic-Tac, the Gimbal and the Go Fast are clips taken by Navy Fighter Pilots as far back as 2004 and they still remain unidentified. On June 25th 2021, the Pentagon released its official preliminary report from the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force. While there was no earth shattering “smoking gun” of new evidence, it did set the stage and open the gates for this topic to finally be taken seriously. Well, by almost everyone except Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Over the last four years or so, there has been an out pouring of witness testimonies from very credible witnesses such as law enforcement, first responders, military personnel and a substantial amount from airline pilots all of which are finally feeling more comfortable in coming forward with their own testimony of what was once a topic of career-shattering proportions.

Stories of pilots witnessing unidentified flying objects date back to the beginning of World War II. Sightings of strange glowing spheres were first reported by RAF pilots in 1940 and later by other Allied pilots as well. These objects became known famously as the Foo Fighters and were reported on many occasions to follow and sometimes even chased fighter pilots during that era. The majority of these sightings were over European airspace during night-time patrols in search of German air raids. The sightings happened continuously from 1943-1947.

Experiences have not been limited to just military pilots either. As early as 1948, commercial airline pilots have reported unusual objects in the sky. Decade after decade we can trace stories and accounts back and into the modern age where we are now getting actual images and footage thanks to the UAP/UFO movement and the push towards disclosure. Despite the newly-found media focus, there is no doubt that there is a grass roots UAP movement and discussions are being had not only on every social media platform, but also around the water cooler at work, family functions and social gatherings. It is this type of direct conversation that will uncover even more stories and experiences to help put this huge puzzle together as we march further towards disclosure.

For the last eight years, I have worked with a gentleman, who at an early point in his career was an airline pilot and had witnessed a UFO. Since we currently work in the public sector, he asked to remain anonymous, so I will call him Henry. The first twenty five years of his career, Henry became a pilot of the Boeing 767 and flew cargo flights all over the world. There was one flight in particular that will forever be embedded into his memory. It was a summer evening in 2004, when Henry and two other pilots were flying from San Diego to Toledo, Ohio. At approximately 6pm, central time, they were flying somewhere over Kansas where they spotted a large object in the sky to the north.

They were flying at around 30,000 feet and estimated that this object was about 15 to 20 thousand feet higher. It was very large and resembled what Henry described as the facade of a strip mall or shopping center, with bright lights aligned horizontally resembling the “storefront windows and doors”. The three men in the cockpit scrambled to debunk what they were all seeing and had ruled out reflections on the windscreen, atmospheric haze, fog or any form of other optical illusions usually seen by pilots.

Image Drawn By Henry

The object remained in place for around three to five minutes until it began to get smaller as it traveled directly away from them. Suddenly, it quickly disappeared, as if moving straight forward out into the vastness of space. None of the pilots reported what they had seen for fear of being grounded or losing their jobs. In the past, most pilots never did speak out but that stigma is changing thanks to grass roots efforts to keep the story going and growing. If I hadn’t happen to have an image of a UFO on my desktop, I never would have heard this story, nor be passing it long. I encourage all UFO enthusiasts to not be afraid to mention the topic during everyday life… you never know why you may come across and be able to pass along. This puzzle is slowly being put together by these continuous efforts.

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