USAF New Telemetry Site- PART 2 – The Major Players

In a previous article, I discussed my “insider” information regarding a new telemetry site along the Gulf Coast of Florida, being manned and monitored by Eglin Air Force Base and its alleged use for UAP detection. Now, I would like to share some interesting information regarding the contractors and subcontractors involved in the sites operations and I am hoping that this may add some additional pieces to this ever growing puzzle. The facility here in Florida is called an RT&T Test Site. The key to this title is the acronym RT&T which stands for Reliance Test & Technology ; a key company formed for what seems to be a very specific purpose.

From their website:

Reliance Test and Technology (RT&T) provides engineering and technical support to the Eglin Test and Training Range complex (ETTC) and the National Radar Cross Section Test Facility (NRTF) for the Air Force under the Eglin-Operation and Maintenance Services Contract, better known as E-OMS.

The company is a joint venture of InDyne, Inc (InDyne) and Amentum. Together we develop and maintain realistic integrated test and training environments. We prepare our nation’s war-fighting aircraft, weapons systems, and air crews for today’s missions and tomorrow’s global challenges.

RT&T specializes in engineering and technical services for the Department of Defense and other customers. RT&T supports the missions to:

  • Develop and test new and refined war-fighting equipment
  • Maintain integrated test and training range environments
  • Develop and modify tactics to successfully employ that equipment
  • Train warriors to use their sophisticated equipment and tactics to be successful in battle

RT&T also provides operations, maintenance, and test support for Major Ground Test Facilities, including the:

  • Guided Weapons Evaluation Facility (GWEF)
  • Joint-Preflight Integration of Munitions and Electronics Systems (J-PRIMES) Facility
  • McKinley Climatic Laboratory (MCL)
  • Landing Gear Test Facility (LGTF)
  • Aerospace Vehicle Survivability Facility (AVSF)
  • National Radar Cross Section Test Facility (NRTF)

Right away, we can see that this company is highly specialized for research, development and testing of modern warfare technology. Wearing my UFO goggles, I instantly see this as being very strategic pertaining to the UAP phenomenon. One of RT&T’s leading affiliates is InDyne and I found one of their objectives very interesting:

Integrated, scalable, and robust processes and toolsets for engineering, operations, maintenance, sustainment, and program management which can be tailored for use on any technical service contract.  Our processes and toolsets have proven highly successful in a wide range of technology and service applications, from aging legacy analog systems to state-of-the-art sensor/signal processing technology.

It appears that InDyne is very familiar with integrating new, sophisticated technologies into defense programs for many of the major defense organizations within the government. Moving to RT&T’s other affiliate, Amentum, we see yet another very lucrative and well connected company deeply embedded into Military, Nuclear and Environmental services for the US Government. One of their projects, I personally find extremely coincidental. It happens to be at Los Alamos:

Amentum successfully led and staffed readiness assessments (Management Self-Assessments (MSA), Contractor Readiness Assessments (CRA), Independent Verification Reviews (IVR), and Federal Readiness Assessments (FRA)) for the Plutonium Processing Facility (PF-4) located in Technical Area 55 (TA-55), the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Facility, the Weapons Engineering Tritium Facility, and the Transuranic Waste Facilities located in Technical Area 54 (TA-54) at Area G.   This included operations, engineering, maintenance, environmental, emergency preparedness, fire protection, quality assurance, radiological control, management, safety, training & procedures, transportation, waste management, and nuclear safety/criticality readiness in preparation for startup through the performance of more than 15 formal readiness assessments for key weapons processing facilities.

So what we see from the back bone of RT&T, is that both companies are very well connected in very lucrative areas. In 2015, the Department of Defense streamlined support for test and training government clients by merging the engineering and technical support management of two critical national range assets (ETTC and NRTF) into one contract, known as Eglin Operations and Maintenance Services (E-OMS).  In July 2015, InDyne and Amentum joined forces to create RT&T. Then, February of 2016, RT&T was awarded the E-OMS contract. Here is a snippet from the Press Release:

Fort Walton Beach, June 2015 — C. Donald Bishop, CEO and President of InDyne, Inc announced today, “InDyne, Inc, the senior partner of Reliance Test and Technology (RT&T), LLC, a Joint Venture with URS, an AECOM Company, has been awarded the Eglin Operation and Maintenance Services (E-OMS) contract.” E-OMS is a consolidated re-compete of InDyne’s Eglin Test and Training Range contract and URS’ National Radar Cross Section Test Facility contract. Transition from the current contracts began on April 1, 2016 to support a contract start of October 1, 2016. RT&T is headquartered in Fort Walton Beach, FL, and will have operating locations at Eglin AFB, FL, Holloman AFB, NM, and Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.

The United States Air Force, Air Force Material Command, Air Force Test Center, 96th Test Wing (96th TW) awarded the E-OMS contract to RT&T on February 11, 2016. Selection criteria for RT&T included demonstrating an ability to innovatively steward major changes on the test ranges via continuous improvement, restructuring, and other cost saving measures.

The contract will provide operation and maintenance services for the Eglin Test and Training Complex (both at Eglin AFB and Wright-Patterson AFB), and the National Radar Cross Section Test Facility at Holloman AFB. RT&T will partner with the Air Force to provide test and training mission support, engineering support for range system, and deliver accurate, timely, cost-effective and secure radar cross section and antenna test data to the DoD and Industry low observable and electronic combat communities.

During my research, I discovered a subcontractor to RT&T who will play a major role executing the E-OMS. I would also encourage you to check out SA-TECH as they too are very lucrative in key areas. Here was their press release regarding being awarded the contract:

Customer: Air Force Test Center, AFTC/PZZB (Reliance Test & Technology, LLC)

SA-TECH is a major subcontractor to Reliance Test & Technology (RT&T) on the E-OMS contract at Eglin Air Force Base (AFB) providing four main areas of range Operations and Maintenance (O&M): (1) Marine Operations, (2) O&M and engineering support for all remote-controlled Foreign Military Equipment (FME) land targets and sea targets, (3) Electronic Warfare (EW) systems, and (4) associated range instrumentation systems. We provide Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) management oversight for all work performed as the E-OMS subcontractor, including vessel/all targets Operations and Maintenance (O&M), design, integration, installation and O&M of remote control systems for land and sea going targets, Electronic Warfare (EW) systems O&M, FME Threat Replicas and Simulators O&M, and instrumentation/communications O&M. We perform mission pre- and post-test operations entailing test planning, scheduling, execution, at-sea target, land targets, EW assets and ranges, and recovery and data collection and management.

SA-TECH conducts concurrent land operations on Eglin Test and Training Range (e.g., EW and land Remote Control Target [RCT]) operations at multiple sites) and seaborne operations in the Eglin Gulf Test and Training Range (EGTTR), plus deployed training missions outside of ECTTR along the Texas coastline and in the Key West, FL vicinity. We provide maintenance to include preventive, corrosion control, and corrective and depot level (for marine vessels) to keep EW, communication and instrumentation systems, land and marine targets and support vessels operational to meet a demanding mission operations tempo.

Tasks Include:

  • RDT&E Testing and Training
  • Program Management for EW, Vessels and RCT O&M of Systems
  • Design, Build, Test and Integrate RC Systems
  • Operations/Manpower Scheduling for Local and Deployed Operations
  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance for High-Speed Maneuvering Surface Targets (HSMSTs), Support Vessels and a variety of land targets
  • Target Storage, Reactivations, and Conversions
  • O&M for The Gulf Range Armament Test Vessel (GRATV) Test Instrument Barge
  • Seaborne Target Recovery
  • Targets and Equipment Availability Management
  • Vessels Management System Database Update
  • Quality Assurance/Safety Inspections
  • RCT Systems Integration of RCT Systems on Vessels and Land Targets
  • Tow Target Operations & Maintenance
  • EW Systems Maintenance and Operations and New Systems Siting, Installations, Testing and System Acceptance Testing

So from all of this we now have some understanding of who is contracted to operate this Gulf Coast Telemetry site and their focus of expertise. However, since being awarded the E-OMS contract in 2015, RT&T has been busy being awarded other, what I consider to be very strategic contracts. Check out this press release:

Reliance Test & Technology (RT&T) LLC Selected for Key U.S. Navy Contract
Patuxent River NAS, Maryland, September 8, 2020

The U.S. Navy has selected Reliance Test & Technology (RT&T) LLC, a joint venture of InDyne, Inc. and Amentum Services, Inc. who, together, bring decades of experience in Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB) activities, to perform Atlantic Range Technical Support Services (ARTSS) for the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) headquartered in Patuxent River, MD, and with locations in Maryland, Virginia, and California.
ARTSS supports Atlantic Test Ranges (ATR) and Atlantic Targets and Marine Operations (ATMO) in research and development, engineering, maintenance, operation, support of facilities, systems, and equipment in order to meet the engineering development and operational testing and fleet training missions. The ARTSS contract duration is up to 10 years, with a projected value of over $900 million, if all options are exercised.
“The RT&T team is eager to get to work with the ATR/ATMO workforce and the community to support Pax River’s mission of “providing full life-cycle support of Naval Aviation aircraft, weapons, and systems operated by Sailors and Marines” said Don Bishop, Chairman of the RT&T Board of Directors.
RT&T has posted an open message to ATR/ATMO employees and the community at,, which includes a link to our job posting and application site.

So now RT&T is supporting the US Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division at other UAP sensitive areas such as Virginia and California; not just Florida. Remember, the ‘Go-Fast’ video was filmed off the Florida Atlantic coast, the ‘Tic-Tac’ incident occurred off of southern California while the ‘Gimbal’ video was recorded off of Virginia. Recently, I wrote an article regarding UAP activity in the Gulf of Mexico, which may explain the military interest in the Gulf coast as well. Obviously, the Air Force will publicize certain aspects of any unclassified operations in order to inform the public. Below is an image of current versus proposed testing activities:

As you can see, the Air Force has greatly expanded it’s testing and training operations area off the Florida coast. It’s puzzling to me because of local air and boat traffic associated with the area. Nonetheless, you can see the Anclote Radar Facility on the map to the right along with three additional facilities. In recent interviews, Lue Elizondo and Jeremy Corbell eluted to the Navy purposefully increasing operations in areas with known UAP activity to possibly stimulate an engagement. Could this be part of the purpose of such an expansion in this area as well as areas in Virginia, Maryland and California? Or is this merely the United States Military expanding its operations to keep up with adversarial expansion from Russian and Chinese militaries? I think this warrants further investigation and discussion. Remember… overt operations are simply a byproduct of the covert.

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